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Senior Exit Surveys

How Does the Future Look From Your High School
Graduates' Point of View? 
Are They Prepared for Life After High School?

LifeTrack gives you the tools to find out with Senior Exit Surveys.
What percentage of your students think they will get a good paying job after High School?  
How many of your students have plans to go to college or vocational school?  
What do your students think of their high school experience? 
How prepared do they think they are for life after high school? 
Was high school too easy, too difficult, or just right?
Did drugs, alcohol or bullying affect them?  
How many are willing to work to get through college?
What percentage of your high school graduates received scholarships?

Get Immediate Feedback from Your Graduating Seniors with Our Affordable 
and Time-Saving Senior Exit Survey Program.

Choose from a wide assortment of questions from our question bank or formulate your own.   LifeTrack will build your customized survey based on your choices.  All you do is administer the surveys before graduation via classic paper surveys, and send them back to us in the postage paid package we provide you with, or take your surveys via our online site.   LifeTrack will compile and send to you personalized, easy-to-read compilation reports along with your original surveys.

Post the Results to Your Website for Parents and School Boards.

Share Positives with Your Community.

Support Existing and Create New Programs.

Analyze Curriculum from Your Graduates' Perspective

Identify School Improvement Strategies

Spend Your Time Analyzing Results instead of Creating Surveys and Compiling Data

As the next graduation ceremony comes into view, put our Senior Exit Surveys to work for you!  Discover what is on your students' minds, their plans for the future, and be accountable by following the successful path of young people who were given a strong start by you! 

Find Out More About our Student Survey Systems with a Short Video by Clicking Here.
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