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School Snapshot Surveys

Customizable and Flexible Surveys for Middle School Students

 Use School Snapshot Surveys as an Exit Survey to find out how your students perceive their learning experience at the end of the year.  Use it as a climate survey at any time during the school year.   Pre and Post Survey your students at the beginning and end of implementing a new program.  Whether you are looking for School Climate Surveys, Nutritional Surveys, or Parent Surveys, there are numerous ways to use our flexible School Snapshot Surveys in upper elementary, middle school and lower high school classes.  Any time you wish to obtain immediate feedback from your students is a good time to use School Snapshot Surveys.  

How School Snapshot Surveys Work  
You determine the content of your student survey questions.  This allows you to focus the data collection on information that is important, useful, or helpful for your situation.  You can also use our helpful examples from our bank of survey questions.  The survey form begins as a template and evolves into a customized tool for you to use that is based on your needs and criteria.  You can create your own survey questions, choose them from our survey question bank, or modify the content of questions that have originated in our survey question bank.

Quick, Easy and Professional, Let LifeTrack do the work for you
while you do your job
Choose your survey questions, and Lifetrack will build your customized school survey.  Professional, easy-to-read and use, surveys are sent to you to administer at your convenience and on your schedule.  Drop your surveys in the mail in the provided postage paid and pre-addressed packaging.  You may also choose to administer your surveys using our online program.  Within days you will receive your personalized and easy-to-read compilation reports in hard copy form as well as electronic along with your original surveys.  

Compilation Reports
Share your results with parents, faculty, administration and PTA groups.  Use your results to modify existing or start new programs.  Post them to your website to show the community your success with your students.  The uses for your School Snapshot Surveys are endless!  

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