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Athletic Survey Details

LifeTrack Helps your Entire Process of Creating, Administering, Compiling Data and Producing Reports for your Athletic Surveys. 

Coaches and Athletic Instructors don't have the time to create, administer, compile and report the results.  LifeTrack will help you through the entire process so you can spend your time coaching and teaching.   

"I want to thank you for the services LifeTrack has provided for Willamette High School during the past year.  Using your survey to collect athletic feedback about our athletic teams and programs has helped in the following ways:  It provides constructive criticism which our clients (our student-athletes) appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and it gives them a sense of ownership in the product, which has opened the door to communicate with both the athlete as well as their parents."
                                                                                                 Barry Bokn, Athletic Coordinator
                                                                                                 Willamette High School, OR

1. The Survey
The ability to customize your survey is a key feature of LifeTrack's Athletic Survey. 
  Your survey is unique and the questions are focused on your needs as rarely do two schools or districts share the exact interests in their survey format.  The beginning of the Athletic Survey contains demographics such as gender, grade level, participation level and  sports and activities you wish to survey for.  The heart of the survey contains customized survey questions you select to address your needs.  You  may choose from over 200 survey questions in our question bank which you may reword, or to better address your needs, you may create your own survey questions. You can even choose to ask open-ended questions which will be available for your review with your compilation report.  After you have your chosen questions, we take it from there. 

2. LifeTrack Creates and Compiles Your Surveys to be Administered
With LifeTrack Surveys, you have the choice of having your surveys printed, which you can administer at any time such as at the end of the season, or you can have your students take an online survey.  It is your choice.  After your surveys are either mailed to LifeTrack or taken online, we tabulate the results and provide you with professional and easy-to-read Compilation Reports.  

"I highly recommend your service to any athletic department that wants to survey their athletes for the purpose of assessing the coaching staff and overall direction of athletic teams from the players' perspective...LifeTrack Services is punctual and thorough in completing their end of the surveys."
                                                                                           Steve Cramblitt, Athletic Director
                                                                                           Juan Diego Catholic High School, UT

3. The Compilation Reports
LifeTrack compiles your Athletic Survey data and generates an easy-to-read compilation report for your school based on your format choices.  If you have one coach that handles all aspects of your program, then one report showing all responses for the activity or sport may be sufficient.  You may also choose to report by participation level for each sport, such as varsity, JV and freshman, and provide a report for each coach. Your reports will be provided in an easy-to-read, professionally printed format as well as in electronic format.  LifeTrack Athletic Surveys provide you the flexibility you need to get the data you will use, leaving you with more time to do your job. 

"It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for LifeTrack Services, Inc.  Athletic Directors have always struggled with providing a fair, comprehensive and simple way to objectively evaluate athletic support staff, coaches, facilities, eqipment, training services, transportation, websites, budgets, awards and academic services.  LifeTrack gave our athletic department the tool that we needed so that we can serve our student athletes and coaches in a more objective and meaningful way.  I recommend LifeTrack for any athletic department wanting answers and wishing to advance their programs."  
                                                                                                 Martin L. Zwiren
                                                                                                 Lehman College, NCAA Division III, NY

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